For Companies

Druid Capital principals know very well the challenges, sacrifices, and risks involved in building a successful business. We possess a unique blend of experience as both equity providers and operators, and we are very respectful of those owners who choose to discuss their business with us. We know there are many sources and types of capital, and we seek to transact with others who share our patient, relationship driven focus.

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For Intermediaries

Druid Capital principals believe in leveraging a vast network to ensure that the best opportunities are presented for evaluation, including working with various types of intermediaries. We understand many business owners place a great deal of confidence in their trusted advisors and representatives, and we respect their position throughout any discussions and potential transaction. We always endeavor to provide timely and concise feedback on any opportunity, as well as fees for any closed transaction.

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For Investors

Druid Capital is a private investment manager focused on investing in private companies in the Southeast. Our target sectors are specialty manufacturing, distribution, and industrial services.

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